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06 December 2011 @ 09:57 pm
When you are playing a legacy that has over fifty sims tied to you would wonder why I would be looking to add more, but this is a special case, Sofia Alexandrovna, observe:

                        Ignore the fact I did not lower the walls
While I have been very pleased with the turn out of my legacy men none of them seemed right for her. She's named after my favorite War & Peace character Sonya or Sofia Alexandrovna if you like long names. As you can see she is quite gorgeous which is no surprise because her parents are some custom sims of mine. So Miss Cael is single and available and I have to "find" a husband for her somewhere in the dark recesses of the internet...
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30 September 2011 @ 09:01 am
Yes it's going to be the third single! Now the questions are: Will it flop? Will she promote with good live performances? and MOST IMPORTANTLY will it have a good video? <- I obviously care about this one the most

Good choice lady!
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27 September 2011 @ 09:30 pm
Well I felt like trying a hand at album reviewing (it's funner than editing my paper). So what better way to review than review the new Nicola Roberts (of Girls Aloud) solo album "Cinderella's Eyes, so let's a do a track-by-track review!

 The lady herself
Quick Background: Nicola was called ugly by the press, and she's had image issues about being pale and having red (or ginger) hair. I'm pointing this out because alot of the album is about this.

1. Beat of My Drum: The first single off the album, well when I first heard it back, was it May? I hated it, she sounded like a five year old robot cheerleader, she sounded nothing like she did in Girls Aloud (if you're unfamilar with GA here is a Nicola snippet) Yep nothing like that... So in retrospect how do I feel about it now? Still not my cup of tea, but I'll sing along to the L-O-V-E part.

2. Lucky Day: The second single off the album, and yeah I didn't like this one either (I do like some of her songs I assure you!) When I read an interview where Nicola explained the concept  of the song it sounded good! A girl trying to get a guy to make a move, sounds cute? Well it didn't end up sounding cute, more like annoying she added these "Wah-wah" bits that were very annoying, and then the middle-8 was horrible basically her rambling "My lucky day-day-day", and that video, THAT VIDEO...

This could have been better...SOME HOW.

I'll admit it gets better over time, and the "Rhythm is a Dancer" mash-up mix really saves the whole song (cause it cuts out the wah-wah bits)

3. Yo-Yo: I like this one (see!) I will say though it reminded me of something, and after a bit of thinking I realized it was Justin Bieber's "Baby" ,BUT it is much much better than that! (not too hard a feat mind you). So onto the song, the subject of the lyrics is very similar to "Lucky Day", but does whatever Lucky Day failed to do and comes out a very enjoyable song it sounds good, very melancholy, and her vocals aren't as annoying as the previous two songs. On first listen I thought it might be about the press, but it's definitely about a guy.

4. Cinderella's Eyes: Very interesting track, I like it, though not a fan of the over-pronunciation of some words (like "seduce" is more "sadewce") but the lyrics a fun and full of references to fairy tales, in all fun, dancey electro track!

5. Porcelain Heart: Well this one was revealed along with Beat of My Drum back in May, and it seemed for a while that it was going to be her only good track, so yeah I liked it pretty well at the time my only thought was really "well at least she sounds normal!" it's dancey in a way, but compared to some of the dancier tracks it's kind of boring and the demo "Dance The Rain" would have been better on the album and this stayed a B-side to BOMD.

6. i: Oooh what to say, I hate it? Ok too harsh. I will say I find it ironic that people have compared it to Lily Allen considering she's one of the people who called Nicola ugly, but let's get to the actual song. The lyrics is alot of "I don't like this or that" (including pitchy girls hehe) anyway she sings it once again kind of annoying, and the lyrics don't make a ton of since, though I kind of like te chorus-ish part "I hope that one day..."

7. Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime: Cover song time! Her voice sounds pretty crisp here though you can hear the over-done singing threatening to break through like a storm. Well all-in-all very eighties, good? I don't know it's kind of repetitive and a bit of a low point leaving me with one burning question? Why couldn't "Dance The Rain" have gone here?

8. Say It Out Loud: Nicola is that you?! Yes Nicola actually sounds normal and Girls Aloud-ish in this song (instant plus!) basically it's about not being fake, and being yourself very good I like this one alot wouldn't mind this for a ringtone.

9. Gladiator: This one is pretty awesome, Nicola does sounds pretty weird in this one, but it's ok. I wouldn't be surprised if this one was about how she doesn't care about what the press says about her now "I'm shooting bullets from my chest". I will say though some of the lyrics are a bit off putting or random I don't know (guess that's the point). Anyhow overall punchy, electro track of fun!

10. Fish Out of Water: Ugh do I have to talk about this one? It's not bad just kind of boring, the lyrics are good, but lacks interest after all? The music is cool, as said before good lyrics I mean as I listen to it now I think it's not bad, but it sort of like the Girls Aloud track "Rolling Back The Rivers of Time" you have be in the mood. I will say I'm intrigue to know the inspiration for the song. On a positive note I like the line "I'm the day without the night, a fish out of water" OK I like this song in all it's hypnotic quality!

11. Take A Bite: Best track. Yes it is and why it's not the opening track is a complete mystery to me! Definitely aimed at the press no doubt about it. "Get your teeth round this open wide, I'm bigger than believe(?) tonight" or "You push and push and push me to fight, everybody's got a limit alright" probably terrible ear-reading, but hey, I'm doing the best I can! I remember when I heard the sample I thought she said "I'm bigger than your belly tonight" I really hope I'm incorrect about that.

12. sticks + stones: No I didn't get lazy and not use caps just thought I'd point that out. Quite a few people want this to be the next single, probably would be a better representation of what's on the album than the two other singles. Well this is basically ballad-version of Take A Bite without the punch (it's replaced with melancholy to the extreme). The bridge/middle-8 (whichever) has Nicola get very emotional (and you will too)

Too young to buy my own bottle of vodka
So i'd beg the driver please I need another
How funny that I was too young for so many things
Yet you thought i'd cope with being told i'm ugly
Over and over i'd read it believe it
Said no to the shrink I can fix me I think
I got friends in my head they've got me on the mend
I am pretty in my mirror, easy to pretend
17 and thought that i'd won the jackpot
Seems I didn't read between the lines of this one
I can't think why I could of made you so, so angry
Your bullets I don't feel them come on and fire at me

Kind of makes me feel bad for saying I didn't like parts of her album.

So in the big picture there are good tracks and bad tracks. What really annoys me is the single choice, they don't really sound like anything else on the album so I was completely shocked when I listened to the album sampler and found she had good tracks (I'd written her solo project as terrible by then). I'd say that either "Take A Bite" or "Say It Out Loud" should have been the lead single "Take A Bite" for being very gutsy and sounds more like an actual song than say a cheer chant. "Say It Out Loud" would have been a good transitional track for people familiar with her GA work since it sounds more like that. "Yo-Yo" would have been a great second or third single I can imagine a great video for it, chances are even if this was a single the video would be along the lines of Lucky Day...
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15 July 2011 @ 11:19 am
Well I got tired of the boring LJ default layouts so I went and found a place that makes custom layouts for people with free accounts yay!!

My layout was made by Scholar's Layouts
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Here's a snippet from an interview answering a question about the Irish music culture:

"Growing up in Ireland, there's such a huge music culture, and there's no miming and no nonsense. If you weren't good enough, they would turn your mic down and you would know that was your cue to leave."

The singer being interviewed was Nadine Coyle, an Irish pop singer, who also is part of the English pop band Girls Aloud. It's an interesting take, and it's no wonder the Irish group Celtic Woman have never attempted an Irish tour since are rumored to use amplifiers
25 April 2011 @ 09:59 pm
Preliminary DDR Songlist


It’s You, It’s Me - Kaskade
All I Want - Kirsty Hawkshaw
Solex - Michael Woods
Can’t Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
Feel The Silence - Elegant Machinery
Music Is Better With You - Stardust
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Modjo
Veter - Monokini
The Show - Girls Aloud
Catch You (Digital Dog Club Mix) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Angelicus (Morgan Page Remix) - Delerium
Satellite - Oceanlab
Autumn Tactics (End Of Summer Remix) - Chicane feat. Justine Suissa
Fine Print (Tydi Remix) - Nadia Ali
Reasons to Forgive (Blizzard Remix) - Tenishia feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw
Fade Away - Nevarraka
If I Could Fly - Oceanlab
Forever and a Day - Fragma
Split (Video Mix) - Mr. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw
7 Colors - Lost Witness
Catch - Blank and Jones
Unforgivable (First State Smooth Remix) - Armin van Buuren
Ecstasy - ATB
Innocente (DJ Tiesto Mix) - Delerium feat. Leigh Nash
Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiesto Mix) - Sarah Mclachlan
Feelings Won’t Fade - SySF
Send Me An Angel (DafHouse Remix) - Elijah (feat. Estela)
Can’t Sleep - Above and Beyond
Be My Lover - Labouche
The Loving Kind - Girls Aloud
Perception (Super8 & Tab Mix) - Mark Schultz
Wonder Where You Are - DaBuzz
Never Ending Dream - Cascada
Rhythm Is A Dancer - Snap!
Bumble Bee - Bambee
I’ve Been Thinking About You - London Beat
Man In The Moon - Fragma
Uninvited - The Freemasons
Forever - Trinity X
You and I (Deadmau5 Remix) - Medina
Let It Rain - 4Strings
Delusion - Super8 & Tab
Put Your Hands Up (Armin van Buuren Remix) - Nadine Coyle
No Easy Love - Annie
Hang With Me - Robyn

Catch You (Moto Blanco Mix) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Angelicus (Redanka Mix) - Delerium
Innocente (Spaces Between Us Mix) - Delerium
9 P.M. (Til You Come) - ATB
Chillin - Modjo
It's A Fine Day - Kirsty Hawkshaw
Silken Twine - Amethystium
Audiophilosophy - Nevarakka

Will update when I think of more songs.
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29 March 2011 @ 11:30 am

Where's Mixed Up World, Move This Mountain, and Get Over You?!?! Yeah they show footage of them, but not the audio! Still fabulous nonetheless!
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26 February 2011 @ 05:33 pm
Very humorous...
you've pretty much read the whole book after that...lol

also this http://www.famousinboxes.com/2009/11/miss-elizabeth-bennet/

I wonder if they have other Austen characters? Probably not, Pride and Prejudice is her most famous.
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12 November 2010 @ 07:22 pm
If you were in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, and you discovered a cockroach in your room, would you kill it or make it your friend?